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Five Ways to Create a Healthy Home

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Is there one single best environmental monitoring solution ? A difficult question but to start with there is no need to adopt a proprietary technology developed by a single company. This has got to be the first thing you think about, because the owner effectively controls it, and if they disappearfor one reaonoranother you will have problems. Also onc eyou are locked in to a propietary technology you won’t be able to easily extract yourself – so you are giving them a monopoly position over your business – not a great choice for youas a bussines person.Conciser that companies who are selling proprietary solutions tend not less innovative when they have something that works. After all, they are looking to maximise the return on their development costs already spent.

Details for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Ecological Services - Northern Indiana Field Office

Office: P.O. Box 2616 Chesterton, IN 46304
Contact Name: Elizabeth McCloskey
Contact Title: Biologist
Phone Number: 315-369-6290
Fax Number: 219-983-9816
Email Address: Elizabeth_McCloskey@fws.gov
Website URL: http://www.fws.gov/r3pao/n_ind/

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Headlines for this Organization

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USFWS: Endangered and Threatened Freshwater Mussels
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Elizabeth McCloskey - Leadership Directories
Elizabeth McCloskey - Leadership Profile: Northern Indiana Ecological Services Sub-Office ... Ecological Services Field Office, United States Fish and Wildlife ...

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